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Welcome to The Italian Family Genealogy web site. My name is Karen Baleno I’m an Italian genealogist and, through on-site research throughout Italy, I hope to help you rebuild the jigsaw puzzle of your roots, re-living the story of your parents, grandparents and so on. Tracing a family tree is an adventurous trip that often takes us to unexpected destinations, among surprises and deep human history. For non-Italian women and men who have an Italian name and Italian background but a foggy idea of their precise origin, a well done genealogical research is a light that illumines the past and lightens the present.
I will provide not only a bare genealogy of dates and names, but also an awareness of their existence: how their life was before emigration, their job, why they moved; how was and how is now their homeland, what they usually ate, which music they listened to or danced with, and so on. A complete picture of their existence, which may take you to have a new homeland, another place of the heart, a new awareness of identity and also a new Italian family.

After receiving your request, the more information I have to work on, the quicker the research will be (and the cheaper). After my first response to you, which is always free, we’ll decide together whether to proceed or not.
Given a go-ahead, I’ll construct a work plan, as precise as possible, agreeing on estimated expense and time. I normally ask for a part of the payment at the beginning, and then keep the customer updated on the costs of the research. At the end of the research, I’ll ask for the balance. For the on-site research, I charge per day, a full day dedicated to the research, including in the amount all the expenses.

Member of the Following Societies:

National Genealogical Society

Casa Italia

Calabresi In America Organization

Family History Center Volunteer

The National Italian American Foundation

Sons and Daughters of Italy

New England Historical Society

Association of Professional Genealogists

Federation Of Genealogical Societies


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