Fur Slipper Gang of Chicago


A friend of mine told me this story the other day and found it so cool. He  can remember his mother telling him a story about when she was about eight or ten years old (she was born in 1929) that she lived in an apartment building with her family that also had a bank robbing gang living in the building. (his mother and his aunt were paid $5 to keep their mouths shut. lol ) They were called the Fur Slipper Gang because they would have a woman dress up as an old lady with slippers. She would rob the bank while the other gang member(s) stayed in the getaway car. His mother told him they got caught when the police were canvassing the neighborhood and knocked on the robbers apartment door and the woman who answered the door was still wearing the slippers from when she dressed up as an old lady to rob the bank.  Has anyone else ever heard of them? The lived at 624 May St. And when I looked up the 1940 Census records sure enough I found them. They where arrested on Feb. 4 1940. Five members of the “fur slipper gang” were indicted (one was a woman). They robbed over a hundred banks.

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